Udderly Beautiful Bods!

Udderly Beautiful Beach Bods!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Something Silly That Helps Me Stay Motivated...

On a calendar I mark the days I exercise with a star, and the days I eat right with a smiley face. For some reason seeing all the stars and smiley faces really makes me happy, and really makes me want a star and a smiley face on ALL the days! At the end of the month it THRILLS me if I have both on most days, and I am ensured to see results on the scale the months where the days are filled with stars and smiley faces! I am feeling so motivated right now! I really give myself snaps when I make a healthy choice over a non healthy choice. At the end of the night if I have made it to bed feeling like I made good choices all day, it makes me feel so HAPPY! It is WORTH it to turn down the bad stuff!!!

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  1. Evie you ROCK girlfriend! I don't know how you do it and have that positive attitude all the time! Snaps to you my friend, you're my inspiration!!